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2014高考一轮复*英语课件_人教版_高中英语必修二_Unit_5 music


高考一轮复* Unit 5 Music

What would you like to do if you are free today?


sleeping and dreaming dream of being rich

go shopping

Do all girls enjoy going shopping?

Do all boys hate going shopping?

Who prefer playing PC games?

Be honest!

Who would like to play football?

How about dancing?

Maybe you could sing

with your


Song Zuying

Folk music

Zhou Jielun Hip hop and rap




Pop music

pretend 1._______ vt. form 3._______ vt. earn 4._____ vt. extra 5.______ adj.
假装;假扮 2._______ vt.& vi. 系上;缚上;附加;连接 attach (使)组成;形成;构成 赚;挣得;获得 额外的;外加的

broadcast 6._________ n.& vi.& vt. 广播;播放

familiar 7.__________ adj. 熟悉的;常见的;
亲*的 passerby 8.__________ n.过路人;行人 passersby →____________ (pl) rely reliable 10.____ vi.依赖;依靠→_______ adj.

可靠的;可信赖的;吸引人的事物 15. sensitive adj.敏感的;易受伤害的; sense 灵敏的→_______ n.感觉;感官



1. ___________v. 邀请; 招待 invite ___________ n. 邀请; 招待 invitation inviting ___________ adj. 诱人的; 有


2. ___________ n. 幽默; 诙谐 humor

____________ adj. 幽默的; 诙谐的 humorous 3. ___________ v. 吸引; 引起 attract
____________ n. 吸引; 吸引力 attraction ___________ adj. 吸引人的; 有吸引力的 attractive


confident 4. ____________ adj. 自信的;确信的 _____________ n. 信心;信任 confidence

5. ___________ vt. 奉献;致力于 devote devotion ___________ n. 投入;热爱 ___________ adj. 忠实的;投入的 devoted

perform 6. ___________ v. 表演;履行;执行 performance ____________ n. 性能; 表演; 执行; 绩效 performer ___________ n. 表演者


(B)灵活运用 用所给词的适当形式填空。 was invited 1. Though he ___________ (invite) to invitation the meeting, he refused the _________ (invite) because he was opposed to the programme. 1. 第一空做谓语, 需用动词形式, 又由后面 的refused可知为一般过去时态, he与invite 是被动关系, 故应用被动语态。第二空作宾 语,前面有定冠词the,故用名词形式。

performers 2. Some famous ___________ (perform) will give a performance __________ (perform) at the concert this evening. 2. 第一空作主语, 用名词, 由后面的谓语动 词give可知, 应为表示人的performers;第二 空前面有不定冠词a, 可知应用名词形式。


3. He ____________ (devote) himself to has devoted the protection of rare animals for years and his _________ (devote) will arouse devotion people’s awareness of wildlife protection. 3. 第一空由后面的for years可确定动词 时态; 第二空前面有形容词性物主代词 his, 故用名词形式。


4. The little boy is a little too shy and his mother encourages him to have more confidence (confident) in himself. _________

5. The _________ (attract) and attractive pretty woman _________ (attract) attracts people’s attention wherever she goes.
5. 第一空应和and后面的pretty词性一致;第 二空考虑作谓语, 由主语woman可知, 应用动词 的第三人称单数形式。


1. dream of ______________ 梦见;梦想;设想 2. play jokes on 戏弄 ______________
3. to be honest 说实在地;实话说 ______________

4. ______________ 依赖;依靠 rely on


5. ____________________熟悉; be/get familiar with
与……熟悉起来 6. __________ 大约 or so

7. __________ 打碎; 分裂; 解体 break up
8. ____________另外; 也 in addition


9. ____________ 分类 sort out 10. ___________ 尤其重要的是;首先 above all
11. attach great importance to 认为…重要 _____________________ 12. in order to 为了 ___________


1.pretend vt. 假装;假扮
pretend sth. 伪称某事物(尤用做借口) pretend to do...假装做……

pretend to be+n. (adj.) 假装是……
pretend to be doing...假装正在做…… pretend to have done... 假装已做……

pretend that-clause 假装……

(1)He pretended a headache _______________________ yesterday.昨天他假装头疼。

pretend to know (2)We mustn't _______________________
what we don't know.我们不应不懂装懂。

pretended to be dead (3)He_______________________________
when he met a bear.当他遇到熊时就装死。

2. dream of 梦想;梦见
原句 Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music? 你是否曾梦想过在音乐会上面对成千上 万的观众演唱, 观众欣赏你的歌唱为你 鼓掌?(B2P34)

例句: It goes without saying that an honest student will never dream of cheating in the exam. 不用说, 一个 诚实的学生是不会梦想在考试中作 弊的。


运用 根据提示完成下列句子。 ⑴ 他一直以来梦想着去参观兵马俑。 has long dreamed of visiting He _______________________________ the Terracotta Warriors.
⑵ Jane昨晚梦见了她的家人, 因为她太想 念他们了。 Jane ________________________ last night, dreamed of her family because she missed them too much.

3.form vt. & vi. 形成;组织;养成;培养 n. 形式;表格;形状,外形;状况;精神 form a good habit 养成好*惯 form the habit of=fall/get into the habit of 养成……的*惯 fill in the form 填表格

in the form of 以……的形式
in/out of form 状况良好/不佳

out of form (1)The footballer's been _______________
这个足球运动员的状态不好。 filling in form (2)He is _________ the application ______. 他正在填申请表。 into (3)The teacher formed the students ______ a ______ line.老师让学生排成一行。

4.earn vt. 赚得;挣得;获得 earn one's living=make a living 谋生 earn one's own living 自食其力

earn money=make money 挣钱

earns (1)Do you know how much he _______ a month?你知道他一个月赚多少钱吗? earns his living (2)He ______________ by teaching at a language school. 他在语言学校教书以维持生计。

5. attach vt.& vi. 系上; 缚上; 附加; 连接

原句: To be honest, a lot of people attach great importance to becoming rich and famous.说实在的, 很多人把 名和利看得很重。(B2P34)

例句: To be honest, a large number of people attach great importance to having power. 说实在的, 很多人认为有权很 重要。


搭配 含attach的常用搭配有: attach(A)to(B) 将A系在/缚在/附在B上 attach to sb./sth. 与某人相关联; 归于 某人 attach great importance to (doing)sth. 认为(做)某事很重要


运用 根据汉语完成下列句子。

⑴ 旅行时, 有必要把标签(label)贴到你的 行李上。 It is necessary to attach the label to ___________________ your luggage. ⑵ 如今, 大部分家长们都认为教育很重要。 attach great Nowadays, most parents ___________ importance to education ______________________.

6. brief adj. 短暂的; 简洁的; 简明的 n. 概 要; 摘要 原句: Not long after Freddy and the band became famous, they visited Britain on a brief tour.弗雷迪和他的乐队成名后不久, 就 到英国作短暂的巡回演出去了。(B2P38)

例句 They finally reached an agreement after a brief discussion. 在一次简短的讨论 之后, 他们最后达成一致。


in brief 简言之, 简明扼 要地说 to be brief 简单地说, 一 句话
说明: 与in brief同义的还有in a word, in short, to make a long story short等。

运用 根据汉语完成下列句子。

⑴ 简言之, 无论发生什么事我们都要成功。 In brief _________, no matter what happens, we will succeed.

⑵ 简单地说, 我们不会雇佣不诚实的人到公 司来。 _____________, we will not employ someone To be brief who is dishonest to our company.

重点短语: 1.play jokes/a joke on 戏弄…;和…开玩笑 have a joke with sb. 和某人开玩笑 make a joke/jokes about sb./sth. 关于某人/某事

play tricks on sb.=make fun of sb. 和……开玩

make a fool of 愚弄

laugh at 嘲笑

play jokes on (1)It's not proper to _______________ others in public.在公众场所捉弄别人是不 恰当的。 having a joke with (2)She was_____________________ you.

make jokes about (3)Don't ____________________ the


2. rely on/upon sb/sth(to do sth)指望 或依赖某人/某事物 原句: As some of these actors could not sing well enough, they had to rely on other musicians to help them.因为这 些演员中有些人不是唱得很好, 他们不 得不依靠队里的其他人的帮助。 (B2P34)

例句: People in the small village have to rely on the river for their water. 住在这个小村庄的人们用 水只得依靠这条河。


运用 根据提示完成下列句子。
⑴ 有时候我们可以依靠别人去取得成功。

rely on others Sometimes we can ______________ to get success.
⑵ 这里的天气变化无常, 你不要依赖天气来做 你的决定。

The weather here is so changeable that rely on the weather you shouldn’t ____________________ to make your decision.

3. sb. get/be familiar with … 某人 对……熟悉
原句: They were so popular that their fans formed clubs in order to get more familiar with them.他们 非常走红使得歌迷们为了更加熟 悉他们而成立了俱乐部。(B2P34)

例句: It takes time for anyone to get familiar with a new place. 每 个人都需要时间来熟悉一个新地 方。 比较: sth. be familiar to sb某事 物为某人所熟悉

运用 填入一个恰当的词。 ⑴ When learning a foreign language, we should get familiar _____ the culture with of the country. ⑵ I major in English, so the British and American culture is familiar __ me. to


4. break up打碎;分裂;解体
原句: The band broke up about 1970,

but happily they reunited in the mid1980s.乐队在1970年解散了, 但是令人高兴 的是, 到80年代中期他们再次聚首。(B2P34)

例句: Their friendship broke up after the quarrel. 吵架之后他们的友谊就破裂了。


联想 break+ prep./adv.的词组还有: break down 出故障; 分解; 累垮; (汽车)抛锚 break into 破门而入 break out 爆发


运用 填入一个恰当的词。 up ⑴ We decided to break ____ the partnership with that company because of their dishonesty. ⑵ The war between these two out countries broke ____ because of the boundary question.

into ⑶ A thief broke _____ his house when he was out having dinner with his girlfriend.
down ⑷ My car broke ______ when I was on my way to my company this morning.

5.to be honest 说实在的;实话说 honestly speaking 老实说 to tell the truth 说实话,老实说 to be honest with you 跟你说实话

be honest with sb about sth.关于某事对…坦诚
be honest in doing sth. 在做某事方面坦诚

It is honest of sb. to do sth. …在干…方面诚实。

To be honest with you (1)____________________________, I
don’t agree with you. 对你说实话,我不同意你的看法。

honest in (2)I think she is _____________ what she
is telling me.

honest of you (3)It is _________________to tell the truth.

Honestly speaking (4)_____________________, I hate the
student wearing long hair.

1. 定语从句: 先行词, 介词+which
原句: Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music? 你是否梦想过在音乐会上面对成千上 万的观众演唱, 观众欣赏你的歌唱为你 鼓掌吗?(B2P34)

例句: Have you ever returned to the school after graduation, in which you spent your high school life? 毕业后, 你是否回去过那所 学校, 在那里你度过了你的高中生 活?


⑴ 这就是他拒绝我们的邀请的理由吗? for which he refused Is this the reason __________________ _____________. our invitation

⑵ 你是否还记得你加入我们俱乐部的日子? Do you still remember the day _______ on which ___________________? you joined our club

2. 定语从句: 先行词, 介词+whom
原句: They may start as a group of high school students, for whom practicing their music in someone’s house is the first step to fame.他们开始 可能是一组中学生, 在某个人家里排练 音乐是成名的第一步。(B2P34)

例句: The famous writer with whom we are familiar will visit our school next week. 那个我们 大家都熟悉的著名作家下个星 期将参观我们学校。


仿写 根据汉语意思完成下列英语句子。

⑴ 真正的朋友就是一个我们可以完全信赖 的人。 on whom we A real friend is a person ____________ can completely rely ____________________. ⑵ 他是一个热心肠的人, 从他身上我们学 到了很多东西。 He is a kind-hearted person, from ________ ________________________. whom we have learned a lot

3. adj./adv.+enough+to do足够…做某事
原句: Their performances were

humorous enough to be copied by other groups. 他们的表演那么幽默, 足以被其它 乐队所模仿。(B2P34) 例句: Daisy was patient enough to wait for us for one hour. 黛西真有耐心, 等了 我们一个小时。

仿写 根据汉语意思完成下列英语句子。

⑴ 他已经足够大了, 可以自己做决定了。 He is old enough to make decisions _____________________ by himself. ⑵ 这个报告厅足够大能容纳超过2,000名学生。 This lecture hall____________________ is big enough to admit more than 2,000 students.


4. as soon as 一……就……
原句: But as soon as the programme was over, the telephones which were in the same room started ringing. 节 目一结束,同一间房子里的电话 开始响起来了。

例句: As soon as we arrived home, it began to rain. 我们一到家, 天就开始下 起雨来了。 说明: the moment…, no sooner … than…, hardly/scarcely … when…, immediately等结构也可以表示 “一……就……”。


他一到火车站, 火车就离开了。 As soon as he arrived at the __________________________ ____________________________ train station/The moment he arrived at the train station ________________________, the train left.


5. millions of 数百万
原句: Of course they hope to make records in a studio and sell millions of copies to become millionaires! 他 们当然希望能够在录音棚里录制唱 片并且能够卖掉数百万张, 这样他们 就成百万富翁了。(B2P34)


例句: There are millions of plants and animals on the earth. 地球上有数以百 万计的动植物。 说明: 类似的结构还有scores of(数十), hundreds of(数百), thousands of(数千) 等,都表示不确定数量; 表示确定数量时, 前面需有具体数字, 如 two hundred students, three thousand books等。

运用 根据汉语意思完成下列英语句子。

⑴ 在这场火灾中, 有数百名消防队员参与 了灭火。 Hundreds of firefighters __________________________ took part in the activity to put out the fire.

⑵ 每年在这个国家, 有数千人死于交通事故。 thousands of people Every year, _____________________ die from car accidents in this country.

1. Helen说她向往成为歌星。 Helen said that she dreamed of becoming a pop star.
2. 我以为她是跟我开玩笑的。 I thought she was playing a joke on me.

3. 说实话, 她连乐谱(music score)都 不熟悉。 To be honest, she was not even familiar with music score.

4. 大多数人都认为看乐谱很重要。 4. Most people attached great importance to music score.

5. 另外, 她也不知道怎样把歌曲分类。 5. In addition, she didn’t know how

to sort out songs.
6. 大约两年之后, 她的家庭破碎了。 6. After two years or so, her family

broke up.
7. 她只好依靠她的姨妈生活。 7. She had to rely on her aunt.

8. 最重要的是, 她姨妈足够好心来帮助她。 8. Above all, her aunt was kind enough to help her. 9. 在姨妈的帮助下, 她最终实现了自己的 梦想。 9. With the help of her aunt, she made her dream come true in the end.

合并: Helen said that she dreamed of becoming a pop star but I thought she was playing a joke on me. To be honest, she was not even familiar with music score and at that time, most people attached great importance to music score.

In addition, she didn’t know how to sort out songs and then after two years or so, her family broke up. She had to rely on her aunt. Above all, her aunt was kind enough to help her and with the help of her aunt, she made her dream come true in the end.

课文概括 Unlike other bands, the musicians of the Monkees started a TV show playing jokes on each other, and gradually formed a real band, and eventually it became the most popular one in America.



一、话题常用词汇必背 (1)consideration n.考虑,体贴 (2)deed n. 行为,事迹

(3)activity n.
(4)hesitation n.


(5)dignity n.
(6)assistance n.


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

(7)offer v. 提供 (8)congratulate v. 祝贺 (9)remind v. 提醒 (10)persevere v. 坚持不懈 (11)advocate v. 提倡 (12)overcome v. 克服 (13)inspire v. 鼓励,激励 (14)harmonious adj. 和谐的 (15)regretful adj. 后悔的

(16)independent adj. (17)outgoing adj. 外向的


(18)meaningful adj. 有意义的 (19)confident adj. 自信的

(20)unfortunately adv. (21)strongly adv.

不幸地 强烈地


(1)give up
(2)rather than (3)belong to

而不是 属于

(4)be familiar with 对……熟悉

? ? ? ? ? ?

(5)have a talent for 在……有天赋 (6)remind sb. of ... 使某人想起…… (7)call on sb. to do sth. 号召某人做某事 (8)receive many awards for 因为……获得很多奖

二、连词成句并背诵(按括号中的要求,添 加适当的词连词成句)

1.as we all know, attend, such an
activity, really, meaningful (用动名词短语作主语)

As we all know, attending such an _______________________________ activity is really meaningful. _____________ ____________

2.see, the old man, stand, I, offer, my seat, him, without, hesitation (用现在分词作状语和宾语补足语) Seeing the old man standing, I _____________________________ offered my seat to him without _____________________________ _________ hesitation.

3.his behavior, remind, us, the traditional Chinese virtues, help,

others (用it作形式主语) His behavior reminds us that it is ___________________________ the traditional Chinese virtues to ___________________________
help others. _________

4.inspire, her dream, she, continue, study, by oneself, rather than, give up (用过去分词短语作状 语) Inspired by her dream, she ___________________________ continued to study by herself ____________________________ rather than give up. __________________

一、语法填空 A symphony orchestra(管弦乐队) made up of 96 musicians from 33 countries chosen online via YouTube has won applause in New York’s famous Carnegie Hall. The 16 ___________ (music), who ranged in age musicians 17_____ 15 to 55 years old, came from as far from as Australia, South Korea, Russia, Sweden, Israel and Cuba—with the exception of Muslim and African countries.
16. 根据后面的从句可知是人。 17. 由前面的ranged及后面的to可知填from。

The selection, made by San Francisco Symphony Orchestra director Michael Tilson Thomas, 18________ (involve) involved more than 3,000 musicians from 70 countries 19___ sent their videos through who the video-sharing website YouTube since December.
18. 由上下文可知用一般过去时。 19. 引导定语从句修饰前面的musicians。

chosen The 20_______ (choose) 96 won a plane ticket and a three-day stay in New York to participate 21___ various gatherings at The in Juilliard School of Music and in the Carnegie Hall concert. Colombian trombonist(长号手) John Wilson Gonzalez, 27, told AFP that the concert was 22___ “marvelous experience” . a
20. 过去分词作定语。 21. 由前面的participate可知。 22. 不定冠词表示“一次”。

At 23____ side, 30-year-old Manuel Ramos, his a Mexican from Monterrey, shared Gonzalez’s enthusiasm and said, “There are musicians from all over the world— professionals, amateurs, students. I don’t know 24_____ sort of level it will be, but it’s what been 25______ (real) interesting.” really
23. 指前面的John Wilson Gonzalez的。 24. 根据主句的don’t know可知填what。 25. 副词作状语修饰interesting。

二、完形填空 “It’s no use, Mum,” said Johnny. “I’m just no good at dancing.” “You’ve got to keep trying. Tonight will be 1 , dear. Try a turn with that pretty Lisette.” Johnny sighed. Every Saturday night used to be the best of the 2 .
1. A. difficult C. different
2. A. week B. day

B. troublesome D. terrible
C. month D. year

C 根据下句Try a turn with that pretty Lisette中的turn可以推出 今晚将不一样。

A 由本句的Every Saturday可知。week与Saturday是上下义复现。

He and his parents went to the 3 at the Club, where his hero, Alcide, played the accordion(手风琴) with the band. But lately everything had changed. Now that Johnny was 4 , he was expected to dance with a girl!
3. A. movie B. appointment C. meeting D. dance
3. D 根据第一句的“I’m just no good at dancing.”可知。 dance与dancing是同根词复现。

4. A. older

B. wiser

C. stronger

D. taller

4. A 根据常识,由后面的he was expected to dance with a girl可推出。

When Johnny and his parents arrived at the club, 5 had already started. Johnny got up his courage to 6 Lisette. “May I have this dance?” Johnny asked. “That’s all right,” said Lisette.
5. A. singing B. music 6. A. catch B. meet C. cheers D. dancing C. stop D. approach
5. B 根据常识,音乐开始了,接下来当然是翩翩起舞。

6. D 由语境及句中的got up his courage可知Johnny走 *(approach) Lisette。

Johnny struggled to keep up with Lisette’s smooth 7 , but he was always one beat behind her. Then Johnny heard his friend Pierre say, “Look! Johnny has two left feet!” 8 burst from the crowd.
7. A. steps B. feet C. hands D. turns

7. A 根据句中的keep up with可知这里应该是步伐(steps)。

8. A. Shouts B. Applause C. Laughter D. Cheers
8. C 由下句的Johnny broke away and 9 outside可推出 Johnny遭到了嘲笑(laughter)。

Johnny broke away and 9 outside, determined never to go to another dance. The next Saturday, Alcide 10 to Johnny’s house for some potatoes. He happened to hear Johnny playing the 11 .
9. A. stayed B. ran C. stepped D. waited
B 根据语境,他受到嘲笑,自然是跑出去的。

10. A. rushed B. walked
11. A. violin B. piano

C. drove
C. flute

D. cycled
D. accordion

C 由后面的Then he drove off可知。与drove是原词复现。

D 根据后面的Bring that accordion可知。与accordion是原词复现。

Alcide’s eyes widened. “Bring that accordion and 12 some songs tonight,” Alcide said. Then he drove off, leaving Johnny staring open-mouthed after him. At the Club, Johnny 13 the crowd for Lisette and spotted her.
12. A. sing B. play C. write D. compose
B 由前面的playing the 11 可知。

13. A. searched C. scanned

B. asked D. investigate

C 根据语境可知。句意:Johnny用眼睛扫视(scanned)人群寻找 Lisette, 并认出了她。注意search是指搜素行动,不合语境。

The band played for a long time before Alcide said, “Dear friends, I got a 14 for you tonight. Young Johnny is going to join us!” 15 , Johnny stepped up on the platform, his eyes on the floor.
14. A. surprise B. puzzle C. story 15. A. Struggling C. Wandering D. joke
14. A 后面的Young Johnny is going to join us!说明Alcide认为大家 是想不到Johnny会弹风琴,故填surprise。

B. Trembling D. Whispering

15. B 根据全文可知Johnny很紧张。后面的his eyes on the floor也 有提示。

open-mouthed目瞪 口呆的



三、阅读理解 技巧点拨 推断隐含意义
要求考生根据文章的某个句子、段 落或全文所提供的事实进行逻辑推理, 推 断出作者没有提到的或者没有明说的事实 或者可能发生的事情。旨在考查考生透过 词语的字面意义去理解作者的言外之意或 弦外之音的能力。

这类试题的题干中常含infer(推断), suggest (暗示), imply(暗示), indicate(暗示), be likely to ...等词语。

解答这类题型时, 首先通过寻读找到相 关信息点(推理的依据); 然后研读, 理解相关 信息点的字面意义; 结合语境和常识, 在字面 意义的基础上进行符合逻辑的推断, 从而理 解作者的言外之意。

(1) 原文信息的简单重复, 而非推断出来的 结论。(易误选) (2) 推理过度的片面结论。 (3) 与文中内容不符或完全相反的结论等。 (4) 符合考生已有常识, 但文章中没有信息 支持。(易误选)

即时练* 1. We learn from Paragraph 1 that the pet sold at the shop may____.
A. come from Columbia B. prevent us from being infected C. enjoy being with children D. suffer from monkey-pox
D 细节理解题。根据第一段的第一、二句话可知, 我们从宠物商店购买的动物身上携带疾病, 能传播 给人类。下面以猴痘为例说明作者的观点。

2. Why did Isaksen advise people not to have foreign pets?
A. They attack human beings. B. We need to study native animals. C. They can’t live out of the rain forest. D. We do not know much about them yet.
D 推理判断题。第二段的A strange illness killed Isaksen’s pets and she now thinks that keeping foreign pets is a bad idea. “I don’t think it’s fair to have them as pets when we have such a limited knowledge of them”两 句表明答案为D。

3. What does the phrase “the wakeup call” in Paragraph 3 most probably mean?
A. A new disease. B. A clear warning. C. A dangerous animal. D. A morning call.

B 词义猜测题。根据文章的大意, 猴痘是一种从非洲的动 物身上传播到人类身上的疾病, 这中情况给人类来带了一 种警示:不要随意把野外的动物带回家中饲养, 以免使宠 物主人感染疾病。“the wake-up call”表示“一种警示”。

4. The text suggests that in the future we ___.
A. may have to fight against more new diseases B. may easily get infected by diseases from dogs C. should not be allowed to have pets D. should stop buying pets from Africa
A 推理判断题。根据最后一段的最后两句A new bug may be kind at first But it may develop into something harmful. Monkey-pox doesn’t look a major infectious disease But is not impossible to pass the disease from person to person可 知, 人类今后可能面临更多疾病的挑战。

5. It can be inferred that monkey-pox___.
A. only infect from animals to animals B. in fact a kind bug to the humans C. is likely to pass the disease from person to person D. originated from Africa
C 推理判断题。 根据本文最后两句Monkey-pox doesn’t look a major infectious disease. But it is not impossible to pass the disease from person to person可推知猴豆这种病 毒有可能在人际之间传播。


monkey-pox猴痘 have such a limited knowledge of them 对它们的了解太有限 pet宠物 bring them closer to us 把它们带到离我 们更*了 infectious disease传染病

四、话题写作 基础写作

为了丰富学校生活,你校学生会将举办一次音 乐周活动。请你以组织者的身份写一个书面通知。 [写作内容] 时间:七月第二周 活动:1. 演唱歌曲: 流行歌曲; 2. 乐器演奏: 古典和民间音乐; 3. 音乐比赛: 听歌曲片段,然后猜出处。 地点:学校会议厅 参加者请于6月20日前报名。

Notice The Students’ Union has decided to organize a music week, which will be held at the school meeting hall in the second week of July. The activities include singing pop songs and playing classical and folk music. Bring your own musical instruments and a music contest will be included, too.

The students taking part in the contest will listen to part of a song or a piece of music, and the guess where it comes from. If you would like to take part in the music week, please come and sign up for it before June 20th. The Students’ Union

This passage mainly shows different attitudes towards music between mid-aged people and young people. Many people have an appetite for music throughout the world and nowadays young people begin to show enthusiasm for pop stars like F4. In our life, influenced by pop stars, young people put great passion on pop different kinds of pop music like rock music, R&B and hip hop.

They buy CDs or download songs from the Internet, use musical instrument to learn to play pop music themselves and even form a band to give performances in the streets and in schools. As to them, for one thing, they enjoy the fury and excitement pop music brings, trying to convey their ideas with pop music in their own ways.For another, some of them want to make a living, and some even want to be famous in this way.

As far as I’m concerned, we cannot deny that pop music is an essential part of our life. It injects new and vivid elements into many aspects, without which life would be monotonous and dull.However, pursuing pop music blindly should be discouraged. What we should do is to take a more critical attitude towards the pursuit of pop music, take the essence and discard the dregs.